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Our Garden Progress

The Kaukauna Public Library recognizes the importance of nature as essential to human development. New research indicates that direct exposure to nature is essential for healthy childhood development and for the physical and emotional health of children and adults. To help foster this development, the Kaukauna Public Library is moving forward with an Interactive Learning Garden.

The garden will have several different features throughout that encourage imagination and interaction. A butterfly garden will help connect youth with nature and insects. Our reading and writing areas will inspire imagination and connection. Community members will have the opportunity to watch plants grow, as our storytime classes will help us plant container gardens each year.

A nod to our history on the Fox will be present throughout with a canoe and murals. A sand area will foster excitement and discovery for children, and all ages will enjoy outdoor programs in our amphitheater. To make our interactive educational features well-rounded, the garden will even feature an area with outdoor music equipment for youth to explore. 

Why a Garden?

Technological changes in the last few years have acclerated the byproducts of urbanization. This has led to the increased access and ownership of electronic devices, disappearing open spaces, increased street traffic, and the diminished importance of natural spaces.

Sadly, youth are affected the most. Children today spend an average of seven hours a day in front of screens. Environmental author, Richard Louv, coined the phrase "nature deficit disorder" to describe the effects of our diminished natural experiences; effects such as respect for nature, attention disorders, depression, lower grades, obesity, and shortsightedness. Our Interactive Learning Garden will be a space for all ages to reconnect with nature. 

Kaukauna Public Library Foundation

The goal of the Kaukauna Public Library Foundation is to accumulate and preserve capital to generate a pool of interest-producing funds.

The investment of the funds of the Foundation is governed by Wisconsin law.  Monies are invested in local financial institutions and with the Community Foundation of the Fox Valley Region, Inc. The funds are controlled by the Kaukauna Public Library Foundation.

To make a donation, make a check payable to the "Kaukauna Public Library Foundation" accompanied by a note designating the name of the party to be memorialized or honored and the name of the donor. If you would like the donation to go specifically to the garden, please write "garden" in the memo line or as a note online. Donations are tax deductible.

You can also use the donation box right on our homepage to donate!

How else can I help?

If you shop at, you can shop at and choose Kaukauna Public Library Foundation as your charity. Each time you remember to type the library benefits for the total amount of your purchase! Visit to pick us as your charity!

Memorial Book Program

The Memorial Book Program may be used by persons wishing to designate a book in the Kaukauna Public Library collection "in memory of" or "in honor of" a loved one, a family member, an associate or an organization.

With a minimum donation of $20.00, a memorial bookplate noting the name of the person memorialized (and the donor) will be inserted in the front cover of one book in the library collection. Donors may choose a specific subject and the department in which they wish to have this memorial. If a donor does not specify a subject the Library staff will select a book.

All donors will receive an acknowledgement of their gift which will also note the tile of the book and a copy of the bookplate. If a donor provides a contact person the library will notify the contact person of the donation, the title of the book and a copy of the bookplate.

Memorial books will not be exempt from normal Library collection management practices.  If a memorial book is damaged or contains dated information, the book may be removed from the collection.

To purchase a Memorial Book make a $20.00 check payable to the "Kaukauna Library Memorial Book Program" accompanied by a note designating the name of the party to be memorialized or honored and the name of the donor. Please specify the subject area and if the book should be an adult or children's book. Please include the name and address of the person to be notified of the donation.

Other Donations

The library accepts donations of used books and media. The Library evaluates donations and adds some to library collections and some will be sold at the Friends used book sale. Friends of the Library use book sale funds to help with additional purchases of library materials and programs. Donations of used books and media should not be moldy or extremely damaged. We would also prefer not to have bulk volumes of National Geographic magazines. 

The Local History room also accepts photos, documents, and books that directly pertain to Kaukauna history. We do not accept donations of artifacts or framed art. If the framed art references Kaukauna specific history, we accept on a case by case basis.