Fox Cities Book Festival: Carol Mainville Van Boxtel

Finding the Missing Puzzle Pieces

Carol Mainville Van Boxtel

Kaukauna Utilities asked Carol Mainville Van Boxtel to write the history of the Utilities for their 100-year anniversary.  Routine research left many puzzle pieces missing and additional research led to areas not anticipated.  Carol was given three  binders crammed with research material from the local newspapers, local history books, libraries and museums.  But many of the articles shouted at Carol “why” and “how.”  Where were the puzzle pieces to answer those questions? They were definitely not in the mounds of material already collected.  Maybe the “why” and “how” were embellishments.  How much was necessary?

Carol could have choose to ignore the words, since her completed draft definitely presented the history of the utilities.  However, Carol decided to consult with a technical writer who helped her to prioritize, which “why” and “how” puzzle pieces to pursue.  The findings of the research was priceless and Carol continues to use this process in her writing. Come learn with Carol how you can find those missing puzzle pieces in your own research.