Free Vision Screening

The Kaukauna Lioness Club will be offering free vision screenings in Study Room A. Screenings are available for children and indivudals.  The Kaukauna Lioness Club will be using a special piece of equipment called the SPOT Camera. The procedure used is much like taking a photograph, and the process will detect things such as nearsightedness and farsightedness, lazy eye, and other conditions that could be improved with the use of eyeglasses. It will not detect things typically found in older adults like macular degeneration and cataracts. If an individual shows “out of range” vision, he/she will be given a printout from the camera with the summary of their eye condition, and a recommendation to set up an appointment with an eye professional of their choice. It is up to the parents/individual to take that next step.

Participants do not need to register ahead of time, and screening will only take about 30 seconds.  Before the screening, a parent must be present to sign a permission slip for children. If a child’s parent will not be present, they should bring written permission signed by the parent.

Screenings will be held in Study Room A.