A Lonely Journey: Stories for Caregivers

Meet amazing local caregivers who shared their journeys in this highly praised book and hear firsthand as they continue to share.

This book and program are designed to assist other caregivers and help family, friends, co-workers and employers to understand the journey of caregivers. The book and this event are not intended as medical or legal advice. Complimentary refreshments — Special book pricing $10 — Light snacks!



“This is not a pity book. This is raw right from the heart sharing!”  

“Although the title is “A Lonely Journey,” it reminds caregivers that they are never truly alone.”  

“Every caregiver needs a copy of this book.”  

“There has been a need for a book of this magnitude for quite some time!  Thank you to these wonderful caregivers for meeting this need and making this sharing possible!”