Visitors Face Covering Requirement Effective 7/22/20

To effectively protect the general public and City staff from the spread of COVID-19, the City of Kaukauna will implement a mandatory face covering requirement, effective Wednesday, July 22nd, for all visitors and staff while inside any City of Kaukauna buildings/facilities. These guidelines are an important component of the City of Kaukauna’s overall COVID-19 risk mitigation and response efforts. Visitors entering a City owned building or indoor facility:

• Face coverings are required before entering.
• Face coverings must simultaneously cover the nose and mouth entirely.
• If you do not have a face covering, one will be available at the door.
• Please wear your face covering at all times while inside a City-owned building/facility.
• Exemptions include:
o Children under the age of five (5).
o Those advised by a medical professional not to wear a face covering because of personal health issues.
o Those who have difficulty breathing or are incapacitated.

• City buildings/indoor facilities include the following:
o Municipal Services Building
o Police Station
o Fire Station
o Streets, Parks, and Recreation (SPAR) Building
o Kaukauna Public Library
o 1000 Islands Nature Center
o Kaukauna Utilities
o Grignon Mansion

Any member of the public without a valid exemption who refuses to wear a face covering while inside a City-owned building/facility may be refused entrance or asked to leave the City building or other indoor City facility.
*Mask supplies are limited at City buildings/indoor facilities and may not be available at all times.