Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses- Sorry we are out!

UPDATE 8/9/17: THE LIBRARY IS OUT OF SOLAR ECLIPSE VIEWING GLASSES. We received the glasses as part of a grant and will not be able to get additional sets. Click on this link to find information on where to purchase reputable glasses. 

Star_Net has graciously gifted the Library with Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses. These cardboard glasses are available at all our service desks. Please be aware that these glasses should be kept out of the reach of children and should be cared for gently as damage to the glasses can result in severe eye injury when viewing the eclipse. Before each use, remember to check the front and back of each lens for damage such as scratches, pinholes or separation from frame. If damaged, please discard.

Wear your Starnet Eclipse Shades to protect your eyes from solar radiation any time you look directly at the sun or the sun's reflection. During the solar eclipse, use your glasses whenever any part of the sun, no matter how small, is visible.  This product should not be used with other optical appliances such as cameras, telescopes or binoculars. This product is not a toy. Children should only use with adult supervision.