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Asia Cultural Day

Join the library in a day-long celebration of Asian culture!

A HUGE thank you to the following organizations who are helping make this possible!

Enjoy musical and dance performances, arts and craft, book displays, a food truck, and more!

Schedule of Events:

10-11a – Oshkosh Taiko (Japan)
11:15-12:15p – Ace Champion (Various Countries) Ace will also play throughout the library later in the day!
12:30-1:30p – Kanonji Exchange Students (Japan)
1:45-2:45p – DC Dance Academy (Hmong)
3-5p – Henna by Gunjan – Henna presentation and interactive demonstration (India)
4:15-5:15p – Blue Willow Dance (China)
5:30-6:30p – Nkauj Zaj Dance Academy. (Hmong)

11a-12p – Making Onigiri with KAP and KPL  CLICK HERE to find out more information and register for the event.
11a-4p – Ong’s Food Truck will be out front of the library. (The food truck food is not free).

All Day – Pellet Drum (Children)
All Day – Flower Pounding (All Ages)
All Day – Wrapping Cloth (Teens/Adults)

This event is free and open to the public. It’s a perfect opportunity for community members of all ages to come together and celebrate the diverse Asian cultures that enrich our society.

Oshkosh Taiko
Oshkosh Taiko –
“Taiko” is a traditional Japanese percussion instrument. Taiko has been used from ancient times in various religious rituals. They are also used in community festivals all over Japan. In modern days, an ensemble style of taiko has been developed and become popular as a form of entertainment.
Oshkosh Taiko is a Japanese taiko-drumming group based at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. It consists of community members from Oshkosh, Fox Cities, Fond du Lac, and the Milwaukee area as well as UW Oshkosh students and faculty. The mission of Oshkosh Taiko is to promote Japanese culture and increase cultural diversity through performing taiko-drumming. Oshkosh Taiko’s repertoire includes traditional taiko songs, contemporary ensemble taiko pieces, and creative covers of famous Japanese songs. We incorporate in our performance different kinds of taiko drums as well as other traditional instruments such as shinobue (bamboo flute) and chappa (a type of cymbals). Our performance also includes cultural presentations and interactive activities such as dancing, singing, and drumming together with the audience.
We are excited to showcase our important cultural assets at Kaukauna Public Library and hope that the audience will feel our positive energy through our performance.
Youtube Example
Ace Champion –
Ace Champion-A.K.A. “Good Buffalo” is a Ancient Native Tree Flute musician who also plays a variety of over 50 flutes form over 25 countries from around the world like China, Japan, Middle Eastern, Western, Egypt, European, Armenian, Ancient World, Native America and more. Good Buffalo also plays a large variety of  over 15meditation instruments like Steel Handpand, Guitar, Lyre Harp, Harmonica, Djembe, Quartz Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, Shakers/Rattles, Steal Tongue Drum and more, which can put your mind in a relaxing, meditative state to promote natural detox and full body relaxation. These ancient instruments  tone to 432 hz. Sit/lay, back and feel the vibration & calming, meditative sounds of the Ancient Relaxing Flutes that will relax, inspire and help clear any negative energy from the mind/body. Good Buffalo will be sharing his love and passion directly from his soul through the instrument played. There is no script nor cover just mind, body, and spirt. The sound vibration it creates is connected to certain parts of your body that can promote self-repair on a cellular level. Click Here so see the different flutes and instruments played. 
Kanonji Appleton Partnership –
The Kanonji Appleton Partnership (KAP) is a volunteer-led, non-profit sister city organization.  Students form the exchange program will be in attendance sharing their dance with you!.  It was founded in 1988 to introduce Appleton residents to the culture and language of Kanonji, Japan. KAP was formed with the help of the late Mako Bice, a restaurateur in Appleton and mother of two sons who graduated from Appleton East High School. Mako, who grew up in Japan and her husband, Burt, owned the former Mako’s Japanese restaurant (now Far East Korean and Japanese). Until 1998, exchange participants were mostly adults including physicians, lawyers, business professionals, teachers and local government employees. In 1988, the Appleton Boy-choir was invited to Kanonji to sing. In the summer of 1999, a group of students from Kanonji arrived in Appleton to do a home stay with members of the Appleton Boy-choir and other volunteer host families. Since the partnership began, mayors of both Kanonji &amp; Appleton have traveled to each other’s cities. Former Mayor Tim Hanna made three trips to Kanonji, and current Mayor Jake Woodford continues to keep relations open with our sister city.<span class=”cstm-fnt”> </span><span class=”cstm-fnt”>Interested in Kanonji? Visit their website Kanonji City Website
KAP Website
DC Dance Academy
DC Dance Academy-
Duab Ci Dance Academy also known as DC Dance Academy or DCDA was established in 2024 by Duabci Vang. This place was created from dreams of a dancer who dreamt to have a dance studio dedicated to what she loves most. “Duab Ci means to shine bright or be the light which represents sunlight and shadow or the brilliance and gloomy aspect of life.” Dance is the light to the darkness in some homes. The purpose of Duab Ci Dance Academy is to be a safe haven for individuals and be the light to a brighter tomorrow on connecting young individuals to the hmong culture and allows individuals to be accepted and fully express themselves.</span>
Henna By Gunjan -
Henna By Gunjan –

Gunjan Agarwal is a professional henna artist, residing in Appleton. She makes beautiful intricate Henna art , customizing it as per the taste and requirement of people of all age groups in all kinds of events. She also teaches henna art, Indian folk art, typical of the region,she grew up in and ceramic art by conducting individual sessions as well as workshops for the aspiring artists. She enjoys sharing her knowledge of art through her teaching sessions. Her sessions are truly enlightening, and she motivates her students to create their best!

Description of her work and tutoring sessions

Using temporary plant based organic dye, Gunjan makes mesmerizing Henna designs mainly on hands which is often associated with happy social occasions! In her classes, Gunjan guides her students in learning basic skills of applying henna, an ancient form of decorative body art. Students will have option of learning basic to advanced level henna designs in a systematic and simple way.


Blue Willow Dance -
Blue Willow Dance –

Joy Chen moved to the United States after more than two decades of study in traditional Chinese dance. With 4,000 years of recorded history, China has deep, rich and varied traditions of artistic and folk dance. Performing as Blue Willow Chinese Dance, Joy’s repertoire includes Chinese court dances, including striking ribbon, fan and sword dances, and folk dances in the traditions of Han and other Chinese ethnic groups. Her lively, artistic programs feature traditional costumes and music in multimedia presentations mapping her art back to Chinese culture and history. She takes great pleasure in choreographing and performing these dances to make them more accessible to Western audiences.

Nkauj Zaj Dance Academy -
Nkauj Zaj Dance Academy –

Nyob Zoo! Hello! Our name is Nkauj Zaj Dance Academy. We are a Hmong Dance Academy based in Green Bay, WI (est. Aug ’22). Our vision is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that fosters education, growth, creativity, sisterhood, and cultural preservation through the performing arts. Currently, we consist of a dance manager, two coaches/choreographer, 12 dancers, and a supportive dance fam community. If you would like to follow our dance journey like/follow us on  Facebook

Ong's Food Truck -
Ong’s Food Truck –

Ong’s Food Truck will be at the event from 11AM until 4PM!