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The Kaukauna Public Library allows those with court ordered community service to fulfill their hours at the library.  The primary tasks include disc cleaning, dusting, and straightening book shelves.  Please note that this can be monotonous if done for an extended period.  The library recommends scheduling shifts of one to two hours.  Please review both the community service details and the community service program agreement below. You will be required to sign the agreement before starting service at the library.

To begin community service call the Community Service Coordinator at 920-766-6340 ext. 6.

Community Service Details

Nature of Work: Court ordered community service
Ages: Completed grade six and up
Supervisor: James Berven
Shifts: Flexible

Essential Job Function:

  • Shelving
  • Shifting Library Materials
  • Disc Cleaning
  • Making phone calls
  • Refer patron questions to staff
  • Show up on time and call when missing a shift
  • Other tasks as assigned by staff

Requirements of Work:

  • The ability to reach high and low
  • The ability to lift over 10 lbs
  • The ability to hand clean or operate a disc cleaning machine
  • The ability to shelve according to the Dewey Decimal System or alphabetically file
  • The ability to do repetitive work
  • Present a neat, clean, and appropriate appearance

(The library will inquire as to the nature of the offense for which the community service hours are court ordered.  The library has the right to decline service opportunities to cases based on the nature of the offense.)

Community Service Program Agreement

1. I will follow all the rules of the Kaukauna Public Library, including the following:

  • Attend work on time when scheduled
  • Call in to Kaukauna Public Library when I cannot attend (920-766-6340)
  • Follow instructions of staff of Kaukauna Public LIbrary
  • Take breaks only when approved by Kaukauna Public Library staff
  • No friends visiting while working
  • No Cell phones/laptops/MP3 players while working

2. I understand that I get 1 (one) warning of inappropriate behavior.  Examples are:

  • Visiting with friends
  • Using cell phone/laptop/MP3 player
  • No call/no show
  • Taking unapproved breaks
  • Not doing work
  • Not following library rules of conduct
  • Eating while working
  • Doing things considered inappropriate by library staff

3. If I don’t change my behavior after my warning, I will not be able to complete any more community service hours at the Kaukauna Public Library

4. I understand it is my responsibility to complete my community service hours.  It is also my responsiblity to inform my Community Service Representative of any problems that may arise. 

5. I have read and understand the rules listed here and understand that this agreement is in effect for the duration of my service of hours at the Kaukauna Public Library.

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