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Issuing Cards to Adults:  All residents of the State of Wisconsin are eligible for a Library card provided they present documentation proving residence in the State such as a driver’s license or State issued ID.  People from out of state requesting a library card should be referred to the Director.

Only one card per person is permitted.  Applicants must be willing to sign a statement accepting liability for materials checked out to that card. 

Issuing Cards to Minors:  A parent, guardian or foster parent must be present with a picture ID to sign for a minor (anyone under the age of 18) and assumes responsibility for all debts incurred by that account. 

Parents and guardians are responsible for the minor’s use of the Library and its materials.  A form for restricting borrowing must be completed, signed by the parent/guardian, and kept on file at the Library in instances where parents and guardians request restrictions upon a minors’ card.  Similarly, a parent or legal guardian has right to view the account information of a minor in their care. A minor per State Statute 43 is under the age of 16.

Though the Library will comply with a parent or guardian’s request to restrict access to information for a minor in their care.  A form for restricting borrowing must be completed, signed by the parent/guardian, and kept on file at the Library.  Similarly, a parent or legal guardian has right to view the account information of a minor in their care.

Loan Agreements: The Library follows circulation policies as set forth by Outagamie Waupaca Library System (OWLS) as approved and/or modified by the Library Board. Circulating equipment and higher cost items are subject to their own policies with their own loan agreements.

Fines/Lost Materials:

Any unreturned materials will be billed to the person checking out the item.  It will remain in “overdue status” for 30 days after which the person on whose card the item was checked out will be billed for replacement costs. In the event of overdue items including, but not limited to laptops, tablets, and hotspots, the library retains the right to release library records to local law enforcement for recovery based on the specific overdue item policy.     

Once payment for damaged items has been received the borrower may have the damaged item. The library only holds damaged items for a period of six (6) months. New copies supplied by the borrower of lost items as payment is not acceptable. Within a period of 30 days, the library can issue a refund for lost items that have been found and paid for, if the item is still in good condition.


The Library reserves the rights to bill patrons for damaged or unreturned items and to turn delinquent accounts over to collection.  The Library Director or his/her designee can forgive a bill or arrange for payment options that include a payment plan.

Checking out:  A valid OWLSnet library card in the name of the person checking out the items is required for check out. In the event a patron does not have their card a picture ID may be used.  It is possible to check out material to patrons able to verify information on their account e.g., address, phone number, birth date,

Checking Out Holds: Holds may not be checked out to anyone not possessing the card of the patron to whom the hold belongs unless a “Holds Release Form” is signed.

All Circulation policies are binding on both patrons and staff.

Selection: The Library selects materials and develops collections in many different formats to provide patrons with a wide range of informational, recreational and educational resources.  The selection of Library materials is based on expertise of professional librarians and complies with the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Statement adopted by the ALA and the Kaukauna Public Library Board.

The Library’s purpose is to provide access to reliable and accurate information and are selected to reflect diverse points of view. Materials dealing with controversial views are judged as entire works, not by isolated passages or selections.  No exclusions will be based on race or nationality, political, social or religious beliefs, or sexual preference. 

Selection of materials may be influenced by budgetary considerations, popular demand, relevance, format, availability in other libraries, subject area scope, physical durability, reputation, and treatment of subject for intended audience.  

Withdrawn Materials: Materials are withdrawn periodically based on appearance, usage and space limitations. Withdrawn materials may be sold at book sales sponsored by the Friends of the Library who retain funds raised. 

Material Review: Any challenges by patrons to specific titles in the Library collection will be reviewed upon written request by the Library Director who will make an initial determination and discuss this determination with the complainant.

Should the complainant be dissatisfied with the Director’s determination, the complaint will go the Library Board for a final recommendation.  The Board’s decision will communicated to the complainant by the Library Director.

Memorial Books: Patrons may make a donation to purchase materials in honor of a person.  The donor may select an appropriate subject or genre.  A bookplate will note the donor’s intention. Donors will receive an acknowledgement with the titles purchased.  Memorial items are subject to collection management practices and may be withdrawn as circumstances require.

Material Gifts: Book and media donations become property of the Library and may or may not be added to the collection.  Materials donated may be sold at book sales or discarded. A blank receipt will be supplied upon request but no monetary value will be placed on any donations.

Any donations of a historical nature will be accessed by the History Room staff.  Items accepted may be turned over to other agencies.  Furniture and other similar items are not accepted.  The Library reserves the right to refuse gifts.

Monetary Gifts: Monetary donations are designated as General Use or Special Use.  General Use donations are non-restricted and may be applied for any purpose chosen by the Library.  Special Use donations are restricted and will be used only for the purpose intended by the donor.  All monetary donations are tax deductible.

All patrons have the right to use the Library without disturbance.  To ensure the comfort and safety of Library patrons and staff, violations of this policy can result in a disciplinary action up to and including loss of Library privileges. Appropriate behavior will ultimately be determined by Library staff.  

Library staff reserves the right to enforce policy, inspect bags, briefcases, backpacks or other personal items, contact the Police about suspicious behavior or abandoned property, ask for identification, and discipline violators of Library policy.

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