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The Kaukauna Public Library now has several laptops to check out. Laptops may be checked out by an adult with an OWLSnet library card in good standing. A usage/circulation agreement must be signed by borrower at the time of check out. Call the library for availability, or find them in our catalog HERE . Laptops can not be placed on hold through InfoSoup.

Laptop Circulation Agreement
  1. Patron must be an adult at least 18 years old with an OWLSnet library card in good standing.
  1. Borrowers must present their library card or official photo ID (Driver’s license or WI State ID) to library staff at the time of check out.
  1. Address and phone number will be confirmed and recorded. Patron must sign the Laptop Circulation Agreement form.
  1. The laptop is checked out for a period of two weeks with no renewals unless special permission is obtained from library director.
  1. The laptop must be returned to Kaukauna Public Library in person at the circulation desk. All items will be checked at the time of return.
  1. No software may be downloaded or installed on the laptop, nor can any changes be made to the system configurations.
  1. Data will be lost when the laptop is shutdown or loses power. Save your work in the cloud or on an external drive such as a flash drive. The library shall bear no responsibility or liability for claims relating to the loss, damage, or interception of any information, data, work product, or other material viewed, searched or stored on the laptop. All created files will be wiped clean upon the end of usage.
  1. Somewhat limited technical support is available through library personnel. Borrowers attest that they have basic familiarity and comfort with the laptop and the software they will be using.
  1. Any loss or damage of the laptop should be reported immediately. Borrowers should not attempt to troubleshoot problems on the laptop.
  1. The borrower assumes full responsibility for the cost of repair or replacement in the event the laptop is lost, stolen, or damaged. Replacement cost is $710.
  1. Borrowers must not engage in any illegal activities (e.g. hacking pirating, downloading illegal materials, etc.) or engage in any activities inconsistent with library policies.
  1. Violation of any of the above conditions may result in suspension of laptop borrowing privileges as determined by the Library Director.